Pre-Order is now open for June's PRIDE Crate!

Featured Authors:


What's in the crate?

Custom Themed Charms

It's in the name! Each month we design a charm specific to that month's trope. The first month you purchase with us, you will receive a bracelet with our custom BCC Charm. Collect all the charms today!

Two Signed Paperbacks

Of course, what is a book crate without books? Each month we have hand-selected two Indie/ Hybrid authors based on that months trope. In your crate you will receive one signed paperback from each author.

A Limited Edition Candle

We have partnered with small business, Bookish Treausres, to bring you a trope based limited edition candle for every crate. Each candle is handmade with love.

A Custom Bag

We wanted to find something special to protect your books. We decided to create trope themed bags for every crate. Each bag is handmade and each month is a different bag.

Surprise Swag

Created by romance authors for romance book lovers. 

Because sometimes a good surprise is everything. We design a custom piece of swag that is a complete surprise upon arrival of your crate. It could be anything. You'll just have to subscribe to see what's inside the crate. 

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